Corporate Profile

Here is a corporate profile of a start up bicycle company in Poland as part of an assignment for a Writing for Media Relations course.


Efneo is all about enhancing the way you ride a bike by replacing the parts you don’t need. As a start-up company from Warsaw, Poland, we bring innovation and quality to the cycling industry with a line of fully patented accessories meant to better the lives of daily riders. We believe our first priority is the cyclist’s comfort to ensure their ride is met with the highest standards in safety and design. Started in 2009, the Migaszeksi family worked tirelessly to create a solution to the complex world of derailleurs. The family affair —a father, his three sons and his sister—collaborated with the best universities and metal processing companies in the country to come up with a product that would have the potential to transform the cycling world.



The result of five years of prototyping, Efneo has crafted a three-speed, internally geared chainring suitable for any standard bicycle frame. The ease and sophistication of a compact design attracts both recreational and professional bike users and provides a quality product to all kinds of riders.

At Efneo, we are revolutionizing the way cyclists ride by launching a new type of bicycle gearbox with three gears as opposed to the traditional two. With a sleek, three-gear design, Efneo poses an alternative to the traditional use of a front derailleur. Similar to a car, the enhanced gearbox allows users to change to the first gear instantly and provides riders with the ability to change gears while in stationary mode, making it great for the every day city traveller.

Technical difficulties of chain skewing between separate chains become a thing of the past with Efneo positioned in the middle of the bike’s framework. The trick is in the internal construction. Trading in the awkward three-chainring structure of a front derailleur, Efneo rotates one chainring at different speeds on each gear. This provides cyclists with a smoother, seamless experience. Efneo continues to expand its international reach with the determination to become a global household name. With ambitions to expand into the Western hemisphere, we continue to increase brand awareness on a global scale, turning heads and garnering the attention of the cycling world through the use of social media platforms.


Efneo trumps its competition by remaining affordable, compact and durable. Throughout the inception process, we continuously designed with the rider in mind and sought to manufacture a product of premium quality – with three gears. In its final stages of development, Efneo seeks the support of its current and future stakeholders through the use of crowd funding campaigns, aimed to fuel the project to an international success.

As there is an increased desire for results, looks and comfort among consumers, Efneo will be known for delivering a line of technologically advanced bicycle accessories and bettering the overall satisfaction of its clients.

Photo Credits: Efneo & CreativeMotive