Let’s Talk Ramifications


Stephen Colbert said it best, America was so concerned with the concept of winning, or rather beating “Crooked Hilary”, that they lost sight of what that would actually mean for them in the long run.

In my opinion, the media plays a “huuuuge” role in what is being called the biggest upset in US political history because they saturated the airwaves with Trump’s wild antics so much so that we entered this altered state of reality where rape, sexism, racism and fascism became something to laugh at. It became the norm. By constantly airing all of Donald’s crazy behaviours, we watched, popcorn in hand, to see what he would do next. It became a circus act. And unfortunately, that circus act will now sit in one of the most prestigious offices in the world.

But what will happen now that the Republican Party literally controls everything? I fear that it will be a domino effect that will impact every aspect of life for the next 4 years.

Let me explain…

For starters, the notion of gun regulation is certainly off the table. In a country where brutality continues to occur on the daily, lives (especially black lives) don’t seem to matter at all because anyone and everyone can own something that can literally end a life in the blink of an eye. In day one of Trump’s reign as president elect, we saw Muslim women’s hijabs being ripped off of their heads, African-American people being told to sit at the back of the bus, and Mexican children being taunted in schools at the looming threat of deportation. Will the hands of progress be suddenly handcuffed, kicked out of the country, and switched out for ones holding AK-47s?

What will happen to all the marriages that became a reality for same-sex couples who fought for decades for the historic Supreme Court ruling on June 26th, 2015? Will they be nullified? Do we really now live in a world where Sarah Palin is seriously being considered for a Cabinet position and Kim Davis will have the last laugh? Think about it.

What about those genuinely needing access to abortion services and birth control pills? Will Trump’s Republican Party suddenly help the mental health of women who, under his administration, will be pressured to have a child they know they can’t support? The scope goes much further then pregnancy alone as some use birth control pills to regulate the hormones that keep episodes of manic depression from rising to the surface. What then? Will Planned Parenthood be forced to close its doors? Research shows, despite what Trump’s backward opinions tell you, that countries that hinder abortion services actually increase the total amount of botched abortions. Dear God, will they also act to reinstate abstinence-only programs in the education systems? Because people like soon-to-be Vice President Mike Pence will sure as hell be vouching for its reinstatement across the country. That’s a scary thought.


Something that especially surprised me during this election was the amount of Hispanic, African-American and young people that did not support Hilary and the Democrats. In fact, in all of the above demographics, more people voted for Obama in 2008 than they did for Hilary. That says a lot about this generation considering this time around you had a candidate that said he’d build a wall around Mexico, deport immigrants and overturn any progressive legislations that came into power during Obama’s terms. I don’t even want to touch the topic of Obamacare because getting rid of it is absolutely absurd and the fact that the bulk of Americans don’t even realize this is troubling.

This election says a lot about American society as whole. Of course it does. But it also shows a huge underlining problem. It shows that the general population was so mistrusting of the government that they LITERALLY put their own fates in the hands of a candidate who not only has no experience in politics, and a history of failed business endeavours, but who’s multiple marriages and allegations of sexual assault undermine everything the vast majority of his supporters (read: Evangelical Christians) believe in.

Let us take a moment as well to recognize that the lawsuit concerning rape allegations of a 13-year old girl were dropped due to imminent death threats by Trump’s supporters. And despite the horrific footage of what is now being termed “Pussygate”, large numbers of women STILL woke up on the day of the election and thought “Why yes, Trump does have my best interests at heart.” What kind of message does that send to little girls everywhere? I can tell you right now that it means if you are raped or sexually assaulted, you better shut your mouth and not speak up because people will literally threaten to kill you for it. Did the case of Brock Turner honestly teach us NOTHING?!

This scares me.

And, as a Canadian, I don’t know what to do about it because this does effect me.

This is not me being dramatic.

For example, as someone who identifies as gay, if the Supreme Court ruling is in fact overturned, popular opinion may shift once again to return to the thought that homosexuality is somehow wrong. That loving who you love doesn’t matter. How many more closeted teens will take their own lives because they’ll now be told that equal rights was just an illusion? If I can no longer travel to the US without the fear that someone, influenced by Trump’s hate-filled propaganda, will physically or verbally assault me, that is not okay.

For myself.

For my boyfriend.

Or for the entire LGBT community.

Furthermore, because Trump believes climate change is a hoax spread by the Chinese, any progress Canada makes in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 will surely be offset by the billowing pillars of smoke that waft across our borders from our neighbours to the south.

We have come to far to let fear and hatred find its roots again in a society that has worked so hard, under Obama’s administration, to abolish it into the history books.

So I ask, what will the ramifications be?

I don’t know and only time can tell us that. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not truly afraid to find out.